How should I proceed to finish my song?

  1. I create my personnal acount
  2. I choose a professional
  3. I send a model of my song when ordering
  4. I pay Mioosic online
  5. I receive the proposal from the professional i have apointed within one week or less
  6. I can send us once a feed back with my request for modification
  7. I receive from the professionnal the final track

I want to become a professional for Mioosic. How should i proceed?

  1. I send to Mioosic my demo , my biography and my references
  2. If i am selected, Miosic will publish my profile on the website
  3. I receive some orders through the website
  4. I send my proposal to my customer within one week, not more
  5. The customer might request once one modification
  6. I receive my payment from Mioosic - see licence agreement

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